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Atomix natural Anti-inflammatory CBD Healing Balm

Atomix natural Anti-inflammatory CBD Healing Balm, CBD balm stick | CBD balm stick for pain

CBD Healing Balm provides instant relief from aches, pains, chronic neck and shoulder pain, releases tension, and relaxes muscles enough to get better sleep. Our Fast-Acting Natural Itch Relief CBD balm stick is a very effective non-side effect muscle relaxer.

The user-friendly roll-on stick provides ease to focus on target areas of pain without any  any greasy residue.

Our Plant-based relief with the blended action of CBD, CALENDULA, CAJEPUT OIL, CHAMOMILE, ARNICA, and PEPPERMINT DERMA PEPTIDE made in California that emanates a refreshing aroma of natural ingredients with a cooling sensation. We choose ingredients carefully for the body and skin to make it the perfect solution for quickly getting rid of anxiety and pain. CBD Hemp is nurtured & extracted in California, ensuring the standard & manufacturing techniques.

What types of pain and discomfort can the CBD Healing Balm address?

Atomix healing balm provides instant relief from joint pain, aches, chronic neck and shoulder pain, to migraines. CBD contains natural ingredients that help the body relax, ease discomfort and give you a better sleep.

How much should I apply?

Apply a thin layer on an affected area to let the balm absorb into the skin. This may take a few minutes. As the ointment starts to work, you will feel a cooling sensation. Depending on the severity of the discomfort, you can apply more. The roll-on design enables precise application and helps you to use it on an affected area.

Can I use the CBD healing balm for skin issues or Itching?

Atomix CBD healing balm contains soothing botanicals like Calendula, Chamomile and Peppermint Derma peptides, making the balm effective for natural itch relief.






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